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Language Partnership Program

Our Language Partnership Program is here and accepting applications for participation. This program focuses on closing the gap of language services for individuals in need of translation, tutoring, and language relief services. Through this program, Language Advocates are paired with refugees, immigrants, and/or non-english speaking residents of New York City. Advocates provide emergency translation services, english tutoring and conversation practice, and language relief. All skill levels are welcome to apply and all languages are needed. Once a week in person or remote meetings are required for this long term program.


Internship Program

Our Internship Program launched in March of 2022 and has since seen incredible work and collaboration from our wonderful intern team. All areas of study are encouraged to apply. A passion for women's rights and social justice are required. Internships are available for college credit. Internship requires 10 hours. We are not accepting applications at this time.


Sister’s Circle Therapy Group

Are you interested in participating in a talk circle style therapy group? Our Sister’s Circle group meets once a month to discuss various topics surrounding mental health. This group is led by a licensed mental health counselor, free of charge, and open to the public. Sign up below to participate.


Dinner Parties

Dinner Parties are our way of staying connected with you, our community! Dinner Parties are a weekly party hosted by volunteers across New York City. If you are interested in meeting new people, trying new foods, and getting involved in our community, Dinner Parties are a great place to start. Hosts can host a dinner in their homes or host an experience in their neighborhoods. To sign up for our Dinner Party group chat or sign up to host, follow the link below.


Financial Literacy Workshops

Our program focused on financial wellness is live! Sign up today for our Financial Literacy Workshops, where participants are guided through financial wellness topics such as credit, renters essentials, goal setting, money counting, and more! All workshops are guided by financial professionals and Asiyah Staff Members.


Faith Advocacy Program

This program is designed to act as an advocacy tool for issues and struggles surrounding faith. The Faith Advocacy Program is focused on fighting against religious persecution, inadequate religious amenities for women and people with disabilities, and islamic workshops. To get in contact with our team and to inquire about our program, please sign up today.


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